What We Have to Offer

What We Have to Offer

By Jim Shellenberger, CFA, CFP®

Whether you’ve just started your earning journey or you’re ready to retire, your chances of sticking to your financial road map and reaching your life goals increase significantly with a trusted financial advisor on board for the ride. (1)

A financial advisor can not only add to your annual yield, but they can also provide a bigger boost in added value. (2) Other studies show that people who use a financial advisor with a holistic approach to their values, goals, and lives, in addition to their money, have a 1.5 times better chance of sticking to their financial plans and can see an annual return of 3% (net of fees). (3,4)

At Elevate Wealth Management, we are financial advisors rooted in the values of Wyoming: taking pride in our work, standing tough but fair, and sticking to our ethics. We bring this holistic approach to help you pursue your life goals, and what we have to offer sets us apart from other financial advisors in a variety of ways.

Who We Are

Elevate Wealth Management is the financial planning division of Frontier Asset Management, a registered investment advisor.

What We Do

We take a comprehensive view of your life and your finances, evaluating your options in terms of your unique values and goals and providing honest feedback. We maintain open communication and share as much information as possible with you along the way, which helps us make the wisest decisions for your future together.

At every stage of your financial journey, we want to serve your best interests. 

How We Can Help

Our comprehensive wealth management strategy starts with a four-step process focused on education, trust, and honest advice that places your life and finances at the center, where they are viewed as a complete picture, instead of isolated pieces of a puzzle.

These four steps include:

  1. Discovery Meeting: A no-cost, open conversation to find out more about you
  2. Panoptic Life and Financial Planning: A wide-angle view of your financial situation
  3. Risk Assessment: An evaluation to confirm we’re on the same page with a strategy
  4. Account Setup: Signing of documents and account setup with Fidelity or Schwab.

Many other financial planning processes come to an end after setting up your account—but this is not the case with Elevate Wealth Management. We monitor your accounts and assets, continue to look for ways to shield those assets, and seek strategies to reduce your future tax burden.

Who We Serve

At Elevate Wealth Management, we work with people no matter where they are on their financial journey. We particularly enjoy helping young professionals make sound decisions and supporting people thinking about retirement as they get ready for the next life stage.

Young Professionals

Many wealth management firms often ignore young professionals who might not yet have amassed enough money to meet the minimum thresholds needed for the firm to help with a financial plan. Unlike those firms, we care about your overall well-being—not just your financial outcomes.

By getting to know you, we learn about your potential and work to guide you to the growth you seek while avoiding the pitfalls that bring many clients through our doors down the road.


If you’re nearing retirement, Elevate Wealth Management can help you prepare for a successful transition from work life to the launch of retirement life and beyond. 

There are many things to think about at this stage, and Elevate Wealth Management can provide the full range of financial planning services you need for the lifestyle you want, whether that lifestyle includes continuing to work, investing, or managing debt. We can also help you navigate Social Security, taxes, healthcare, philanthropy, unforeseen issues, and more.

Why Clients Choose Us 

Clients work with us because we know how to approach financial planning holistically, no matter where they are on their financial journey. Whether you’re thinking about retirement or just about the stops along the way, the team at Elevate Wealth Management can help you create a comprehensive road map to get you where you want to go.

Schedule an introductory meeting by reaching out to us at jshellenberger@frontierasset.com or 307.673.5675.

About Jim

Jim Shellenberger, CFA, CFP® is a financial advisor at Elevate Wealth Management, an independent, fee-only wealth management firm serving young professionals, pre-retirees, and retirees in Sheridan, Wyoming, and surrounding areas. With the mission of serving and educating, Jim is dedicated to providing comprehensive, top-notch services that not only help his clients reach their goals, but also empower them to make the best financial decisions for their lives and walk toward their future with confidence. Jim is known for going the extra mile, not only offering valuable knowledge in investment management as a former investment analyst, but building long-lasting relationships so he can give honest, customized advice and strategies that make an impact on their lives.

Jim has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in finance from the University of Wyoming. He is proud to be a Wyoming native and loves exploring the outdoors with his family—hiking, fishing, hunting, and backpacking. Faith is an integral part of Jim’s life, and he always looks forward to attending church on Sundays, Bible study on Fridays, and being part of his church community. He’s also an avid sports fan! Fun fact: Jim owns shares in the Green Bay Packers. To learn more about Jim, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Elevate is the financial planning division of Frontier Asset Management. Frontier Asset Management is a Registered Investment Adviser. The firm’s ADV Brochure and Form CRS are available at no charge by request at info@frontierasset.com or 307.673.5675 and are available on our website www.frontierasset.com. They include important disclosures and should be read carefully.                                               



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