Our Process

Our Panoptic Life and Financial Plan allows us to have a holistic view of your life and finances so we can provide comprehensive wealth management. This planning process puts an emphasis on education, trust, and unbiased advice. 

Learn more about our planning process:

  1. Discovery Meeting. A no-obligation meeting, ask us what you would like to know and see if we would be a fit for you. We prefer to have an open conversation rather than just us presenting a sales pitch to you.
  2. Going through our Panoptic Life and Financial Plan. This allows us to better understand your financial situation so we can take proactive financial planning measures.
  3. Your risk assessment. Now that we have an idea of your financial situation, we want to understand your view on risk and returns to make sure we build a strategy catered to your financial goals and comfort zone. If there is a disconnect between those two, we need to have a conversation to make sure we are on the same page and what our plan of action is. 
  4. Account set up. We will first deliver disclosure documents and then get the Investment Advisory Agreement signed. Next, we get your account set up at Fidelity, Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

Investment account monitoring and life planning. As an ongoing service, we will monitor your assets, look for methods of asset protection, look at how to make tax-efficient decisions, and make your financial decisions as simple as possible.