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April 2021 Commentary


"It's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way." - Mac Davis  Jim Shellenberger, CFA | Financial Advisor I first heard “It’s Hard to Be Humble,” performed by Willie Nelson, but later discovered that Mac Davis is the original singer / song writer. If you haven’t heard it, give [...]

April 2021 Commentary2021-04-19T14:48:06-06:00

March 2021 Commentary


"Invisible Touch" - Phil Collins   Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor In 1986, Phil Collins sang, “She has a built-in ability to take everything she sees.” During tax season, I often think of those words, and if it weren’t for the title of the song, I’d say the lyrics are pretty [...]

March 2021 Commentary2021-03-31T12:37:40-06:00

February 2021 Commentary


"I Said 'Hey, a-what's going on?'" - 4 Non Blondes  Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor This last month, the drama that we watched unfold between hedge funds and Reddit users battling over GameStop left for an entertaining story. Reddit users banded together to try and take down the hedge funds causing [...]

February 2021 Commentary2021-02-23T13:57:41-07:00

January 2021


“Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye” – Steam Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor If you have watched Remember the Titans, this song is quite memorable. It is a good representation of many people’s view of 2020 as we enter 2021. We know that a new year won’t magically change [...]

January 20212021-01-26T15:24:12-07:00

October 2020 Commentary


"I Got Nobody to Blame but Me"- Chris Stapleton Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. When it comes to making financial decisions, our cognitive and emotional biases can help us or hinder us in making the best decisions. Our cognitive biases [...]

October 2020 Commentary2020-10-29T12:07:24-06:00

September 2020 Commentary


"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"- Poison Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor While there are many pros and cons to Social Security, in the end, it has helped many individuals make it through their retirement years. The reason for the quote, “Every rose has its thorn,” is that even though Social [...]

September 2020 Commentary2020-10-29T11:22:11-06:00

Commentary August 2020


MORE THAN INVESTMENTS Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor I wanted to take the time this month to remind you of the many offerings we have outside of investment management. Our intention is always to offer a comprehensive package of tools for you and your financial situation. Below, you will find [...]

Commentary August 20202020-08-10T11:07:46-06:00

July 2020 Commentary


"Free and Easy Down the Road I Go"-Dierks Bently Jim Shellenberger | Financial Advisor By the very definition of investing, we set aside money to build wealth over time. Most of us approach an investment and hope to make money or “let our money go to work for us.” Ideally, [...]

July 2020 Commentary2020-07-29T09:54:07-06:00

October 2019 Commentary


We learn that many times the wait is worth it. "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long?" The Beach Boys Have you heard of the Stanford marshmallow experiment? It was a study on delayed gratification where young [...]

October 2019 Commentary2020-06-18T15:06:04-06:00



Biblically Responsible Investing Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is a way of investing to align your faith with your financial choices. We know that values guide the way we speak, what we say, and everything we do. It is not as common to think about investing and biblical values and the impact the combination [...]

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